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Even in today's modern global market, checks are still popular among the majority of retail consumers. The main problem with this type of payment is that it increased the transaction risk of the merchant. Check services can help safeguard merchants against check fraud and invalid checks. Check services have a proven potential to save merchants substantial amount money through the cutting down of transaction losses.

With check services, merchants can now accept payment from their customers at costs which are much less than those of processing credit cards. Check services also streamline and expedite the whole payment process, allowing you to free more time and resources on managing other aspects of your business. Check services include features like check guarantee services, automated bank tranfer of funds to your account, real-time authorization of checks, reduction of charge back risk and much more.

Accept your checks with security, speed and ease while building customer loyalty through fast point-of-sale with 99.6% accuracy. Designed to work with Hypercom POS terminals, the VeriFone CR600 Mini MICR Check Reader features the largest available selection of parsing formats.

VeriFone CR600

The MagTeck Mini MICR reads checks with the highest accuracy. Mini MICR’s rugged design provides years of daily use. Easy to use and and flexible connectivity to
POS terminals, PCs, and cash registers.

Features Include:
· MICR data automatically read from checks in a single-pass.
· Fast Transaction Times
· MICR data can be formatted to match application input requirements.
· Mini MICR’s horseshoe design takes up very little counter space
· Ideal for check verification and check conversion applications.

MagTek Mini-MICR

AIRCHECKZ allows merchants to accept check transactions at the remote point-of-sale. AIRCHECKZ also supports drivers license swipes required by most check transaction processors. All configurable options available thru AIRCHARGE are also available through AIRCHECKZ, including the ability to disable refund capabilities from individual units. The software also works in conjunction with eProcessingNetwork to track individual unit numbers for Invoice/Order Number, Sales and Tips.

* All Equipment Prices Are Subject To Account Activation

A check reader comes in very handy when you own a business, because you do not have to call in checks to authorize them. Many businesses believe they do not need a check reader because they don't receive all that many checks. Every business should have a check reader at every register. The reason that a check reader should be utilized at every register is to be sure that you are able to collect the funds. If you accept a check and just assume that it will clear, you can lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

A check reader allows your business to accept checks just like you would accept cash. The check reader will ensure that the funds are in the account that the check was written from. The idea is that you protect your business with the check reader, which will prove invaluable over time. Many times checks do not clear and they are sent back to the merchant. With a check reader, you have a better chance of receiving the funds from the account. Even if you don't receive all that many checks, this is a great way to save money that you might lose from checks written on accounts with negative balances.

A check reader can be obtained like most business equipment, through rental or leasing. Many times, this is the best way to obtain your check reader units for your business, because the amount you will pay on them is very little and the check reader will literally pay for itself over time. Instead of receiving all those checks back from the bank and paying to submit them again, why not use a check reader to help guard yourself against these circumstances.

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