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Internet Merchant Account FAQ

What types of business do you accept?
We accept a variety of business such as retail, professionals, trade shows, mail order, telephone order, Internet based and home based businesses and high volume merchant accounts.

How long does it take to get approved?
Most accounts are approved in no more than 48 hours. Once approved, we will inform you of your approval and ship your credit card terminal immediately.

What are the advantages of accepting credit cards online?
There is no doubt that accepting credit cards online will boost your sales figures. Research has shown that businesses that only offer the option of sending in a check or money often do not maximize their sales potential. Furthermore, it fosters trust and good relations with your customers if you give the impression of being a legitimate business. Also, you enjoy the convenience of having your money automatically wired into your bank account.

What about fraud?
We are one of the leading companies which specialize in fraud prevention and risk management. Therefore, it is no surprise that Group ISO has one of the lowest loss rates in the online retail industry.

I'm not sure what terminal, equipment or software is best for my business.
Group ISO provides services to both traditional and Internet businesses, as well as mail order/telephone order and home-based businesses. Regardless of your requirements, Group ISO has the payment solution to support your processing needs, whether you are starting a new business or developing an already established one.

Do I need a bank account to accept credit cards and does it have to be a business checking account?
Yes, you will need a bank account, which would be necessary for receiving funds from your customers. Yes, it does have to be a business account.

What is a charge back?
A charge back is a scenario where a customer receives their credit card statement and does not accept the charges that have been applied. The customer has the option of calling the merchant or they could get a return on their merchandise. They can also call their bank and issue a charge back against the charge.

How do I avoid charge backs?
The best way to avoid charge backs is to have a business checking account. If you have a company website, make your business the same as the name on the site. This will look more familiar to a customer when they receive their statement in the mail. We can also place your toll free number on the statement next to your charge. That way, you will only receive correspondence from the bank rather than from the customer. All you would then have to do is return the goods.

I do retail charges through a terminal, now can I do e-commerce and have the funds go into the same checking account as the retail funds?
Yes, but you need a new merchant number that complies with e-commerce discount rates.

What equipment can I take checks with as well as credit cards?
You can accept check with the on-line e-commerce system. The check will be automatically drafted into your checking account, or with the Verifone Tranz 3200.

What is Advanced Commerce Technologies online payment solution?
The online e-commerce system captures credit cards and checks in real time. Three features including the Weblink, Virtual Terminal, and audit trail to track all of your sales on-line. The funds are then transferred to your checking account within 24-48 hours.

What are my requirements to open a merchant account?
All merchants will require a US bank account with a business checking account.

Are the transactions and funds secure?
Yes, all products that A.C.T. Inc. provides use A.V.S (address verification) and all transactions and funds are processed in a secure environment.

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