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There are many different ways in which a consumer can go about shopping for items that they need. Not only can they go to a physical store, such as a convenient store on the corner of their block, but there are other, less physical options to consider, as well. Many people have been made aware over the last few years that many goods are available by using the Internet. A number of people also have come to the belief that in many cases, they can find better deals online than they would be able to find at a physical store. One new trend that is being introduced to revolutionize the way that merchants are able to affect their consumers would be through the utilization of internet merchant accounts. Some physical stores have even been able to introduce online merchant account terminals to their stores, effectively offering even more products and services to their customers. These online merchant accounts have been successfully tested in Japan , and many consumers are very pleased with the different ways in which internet merchant account terminals make their lives more convenient and efficient.

Online terminals are used in a more general sense in many online stores. The e-commerce procedures necessitate that in order to pay for goods or services online, they need online credit card processing in order to process the transaction. Credit card online terminals are what allow merchants online and retain stores based on the web to allow the credit card transaction to take place. Without internet merchant account terminals helping the merchants and the retail stores, payment by credit card would not be as productive, effective or efficient.

An internet merchant account allows for an unrestricted number of transactions through the use of one of our "virtual terminals" from any computer in the world with an internet connection.

Through our merchant accounts, we're able to assist in the growth of your business by sustaining a limitless amount of transactions as well as any type of business model you might need. (Internet, call center, broadband, wireless and retail)

Internet merchant accounts allow for an unlimited number of users with a single account, which is perfect for large sales forces.

We supply technical support every day of the year through our experienced customer support team.

Rate: 2.19 %
Transaction Fee: $ 0.25
Statement Fee:$ 10.00 Per Mh
Gateway Fee:$ 10.00 Per Mh
Gateway Fee Per Transaction:$ 0.10

Through the development of our advanced e-commerce payment system, we have enabled companies to process live, online credit card transactions anywhere in the world. We encompass an outstanding team of software engineers that allow us to sustain and convey a considerable collection of credit card payment options through an exclusive method of delivery. 

Virtual Terminal
Our virtual terminals allow you and your business to authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions physically from anywhere in the world, on any computer that has an Internet connection, as well as a Web Browser.

API Integration
In order to eliminate high-risk transactions, through the use of our API Integration solution, your business will employ the highest level of secure transaction technology currently available. Our API Integration solution utilizes secure sockets layer (SSL) digital certificate technology as the method of connection between merchant and Payment Gateway.  This technique is the most secure and direct method of payment between user and supplier.  

Batch Upload Processing
Batch upload processing enables you to control and grant transactions manually prior to payment completion.

Free WOWCart Shopping System
WOWCart is a free shopping cart equipped with all the features you ' ll need. This free shopping cart system allows you to modify the cart to give it the look you desire. A few of the many features available include: the ability to offer coupons and discounts, ordering of up to 40 products at once, and a great deal more.

Electronic Check
Another payment option offered is the Electronic Check solution. This option enables both online and conventional merchants to accept and process payments via electronic check from either the website itself or through the Virtual Terminal. By offering the Electronic Check payment option, merchants are given the opportunity to increase their payment options they make available to their customers, which in turn will ultimately increase sales.

Reccurring Billing
The recurring billing capability enable you to bill your customers daily, weekly, or monthly, as well as for as many payments as they want.

iSpyFraud Protection
The iSpyFraud protection is undoubtedly the highest quality and most efficient fraud detection software currently available. This software gives online merchants the protection they need against fraudulent payments. The iSpyFraud protection software uses unique methods in order to eliminate the fraudulent shoppers from the legitimate shoppers. This is currently the only fraud protection solution that offers fraud policy organization as well as customer service tools that assist merchants in identifying and authorizing genuine transactions that at first appear fraudulent, as well as setting custom policies for accepting and rejecting specific transactions.

The virtual credit card terminals we offer provide any online business with essential tools and features to make for a great ecommerce business. Because the ecommerce market has expanded so much, and the methods of business have become so reliant upon credit, any business, particularly online businesses, would benefit greatly from the addition of an ecommerce payment gateway. This fast, secure, and simple method of accepting credit card transactions, as well as the expanded methods of payments, along with the available features, such as the custom shopping cart and the iSpyFraud protection software, make for a convenient, effective and safe way to keep your customers satisfied.

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