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Get the highest quality, most reliable credit card terminals from Group ISO. Our point of sale (POS) credit card readers are inexpensive when purchased with the activation of services, and our collection of machines contains something for every business needs. Each credit processing terminal uses our network to maintain speedy transactions and is completely secure, some with special security and fraud control features. Group ISO’s superior merchant services are paired with the highest quality point of sale (POS) terminals including the VeriFone Tranz 330, 380, and 330x2, and Zon Jr XL, so choose the card reader and printer that is right for your business and get one for a low cost by opening a merchant account with us today!

The VeriFone TRANZ 330 Credit Card Processing Terminal allows for fast, low-cost credit card authorization and credit card sales. The VeriFone TRANZ 330 Credit Card Processing Terminal lets you accept debit (ATM) cards as well using the optional PIN pad. You can also connect a slip, roll or sprocket printer for fast sales receipts and printed reports. 32k of RAM

VeriFone TRANZ 330

The VeriFone Tranz 380 is a proven terminal that offers you the ability to accept credit cards. The Tranz 380 is supported by almost every processor in the world today. The Tranz 380 works with the Printer 220, 250, or 900. Merchants may also accept debit cards with the addition of a Verifone PIN Pad. (you must sign up to accept debit cards with your processor).

The VeriFone Tranz 380 boasts a powerful 128k RAM. The additional memory supports advanced features like AVS (Address Verification System, for phone and mail orders). The extended memory also allows you to store more transactions in the terminal before having to batch out, making it ideal for merchants with a high volume of credit card transactions.

VeriFone TRANZ 380

The VeriFone TRANZ 380 x2 is a single transaction terminal that can do the the work of two transaction terminals. The TRANZ 380 x2 features Independent memory segments. This allows merchants to run 2 credit card authorization applications at the same time.

The VeriFone TRANZ 380 x2 allows you to switch from between software applications in seconds. The TRANZ 380 x2 also collects date from track 1 and track 2 of a magnetic-stripe card in a single swipe.

Includes security and fraud control features, batch processing and supports most compatible printers, PIN pads, check readers and other peripherals.

VeriFone TRANZ 380 x2

The VeriFone ZON JR XL can handle up to 100 transactions prior to batching out. The ZON JR XL can make the deposits for those transactions directly to your checking account electronically.

The VeriFone ZON JR XL is very easy to use. It features a large display with easy to read numbers and letters.

VeriFone ZON JR XL

* All Equipment Prices Are Subject To Account Activation

If you have a business and you would like to make payments more convenient for your customers, you should think about purchasing or leasing credit card processing terminals. These terminals will allow you to accept credit cards. The credit card terminals can be placed at each of the registers at your business. Your customers will be able to control the transaction by selecting whether or not they want to process the purchase as credit or debit. Most customers are familiar with credit card terminals and simply enjoy being able to swipe their own cards, completing the transaction.

Having credit card terminals in your business also may give your business a more professional feel. Many customers feel as though they make the business more legit, as paying cash is not something that is convenient for most people. Writing checks has also become quite antiquated, and the idea of a credit card terminal just brings a business into modern times, where people feel more comfortable spending their money.

A credit card terminal does not have to be expensive to buy; in fact, most business owners lease or rent their terminals. Many don't pay anything; instead, they pay a usage fee for each of the credit card terminals. Bringing credit card processing terminals into your business can be very simple and easy, and within a matter of days you can be accepting credit cards and even widening your consumer base.

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