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The Ultimate Solution For Your Credit Card Processing Needs

Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminals

process your merchant account transactions anywhere
Wireless credit card processing ideal for the following business:  

- Delivery
- Stadium & Arena Sales
- Restaurant & Food Services
- Contractors & Consultants
- Audio/Video Installers
- Retail
- Limousine & Taxi
- Mobile Vendors
- Fairs & Markets
- Traveling Sales People
- Conventions / Exhibitions
- Golf and Tennis Venues
- Outdoor Entertainment

Comstar Wireless CHARGE ANYwhere Solution.

CHARGE ANYwhere combines a compact handheld wireless magnetic card reader with Transaction Manager, a web-based database and reporting system. You also get other features like e-mail. CHARGE ANYwhere also can be integrated with your existing merchant processing systems.

This wireless solution is fast and reliable. It runs on the nationwide Velocita Wireless Mobitex and Motient networks. 

-93% coverage of urban business population.

-Transactions average 5-7 seconds

-Dedicated data network with redundancy, backup and guaranteed delivery

User-Friendly interface for your industry (features industry specific-software).

- Secure Wireless Data Transfer with randomized encryption –1024 bit in the database and 256 bit over the air

Certified by leading credit card processors, including Global Payments, Concord, Vital and Payment Tech.

Comstar Wireless CHARGE ANYwhere
The Nurit 8010 Wireless Palmtop is the smallest handheld payment terminal available. It features secure error free transactions.

You can use the Nurit 8000 as as a cellular phone. The Nurit 8000 features electronic signature capture with optional touch screen.

Product Features Include:

Large, back-lit graphical LCD display.

Communicates with your PC's when equipped with an optional transceiver.

Rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery pack for over 200 transaction processes per charge.

Nurit 8000


The Mobilescape 3000 is the most innovative and comprehensive wireless payment processing solution for credit cards available at the moment. The solid Mobilescape 3000 terminal allows for quick, safe and secure payment transactions from anywhere on the globe. Mobilescape 3000 is extremely user friendly and requires no training or specialist knowledge - just power up and you are on your way.

Commerciant Mobilscape 3000

No more occurrences of bounced checks! The Mobilescape 5000 is the pioneering wireless, handheld payment processing solution for both checks and credit cards. The sturdy Mobilescape 5000 terminal allows for safe and quick payment transactions from anywhere in the world. It's user-friendly and provides the convenience/efficiency of allowing users to accept both check and credit card payments - all in a single unit.

Commerciant Mobilescape 5000

Aircharge Swipe Credit Card Solutions

The AIRCHARGE swiped credit card solutions (below) allow you to perform swiped credit card transactions on select cellular phones.

By having a swiped transaction option you receive lower discount rates than with "keyed" transactions.

Aircharge NPM Swiper
Aircharge ZM

Aircharge ASM


Aircharge In-Vehicle AM


Aircharge DM2


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