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Commerciant Mobilescape 5000

No more occurrences of bounced checks! The Mobilescape 5000 is the pioneering wireless, handheld payment processing solution for both checks and credit cards. The sturdy Mobilescape 5000 terminal allows for safe and quick payment transactions from anywhere in the world. It's user-friendly and provides the convenience/efficiency of allowing users to accept both check and credit card payments - all in a single unit.

Commerciant Mobilescape 5000This is ideal for retailers, mobile merchants, and distributors who collect payments "on the road." Mobilescape 5000 provides flexibility of payment options that improve both customer services and overall sales turnover. The cost effective Mobilescape 5000 solution comprises of hardware, software, integration services, wireless service, transaction processing, and reliable technical support and repairs. There is simply no doubt that Mobilescape 5000 can improve the daily workings and raise the overall profitability of your business.

Reduce Risks by Eliminating Bounced Checks, Lost Checks, and Credit Card Losses

  • You will be completely confident about collecting payments with the most suitable check verification and guarantee subscriptions
  • Acquire and electronically record authentic signatures on Mobilescape's touch screen, cutting down on the risks and losses, which are often associated with chargebacks
  • Quickly obtain access to recorded signatures and receipts online

Increase Revenues

  • Allows you to transact more business by reducing processing times. It also helps you attract more clientele and even enables you to eliminate time spent visiting the bank for deposit checks
  • Improve sales figures - most customers tend to spend more when payments are accepted via credit card.
  • Reduce processing fees by a significant margin with card-present transactions
  • Streamline cash flow by collecting funds in an expedited manner

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Remove the hassles involved with paper receipt administration with immediate online account access
  • Avoid the routine bank visits necessary for depositing checks
  • Print customer receipts as soon as transactions are complete
  • Electronically monitor tips and invoice numbers
  • With Mobilescape 5000, accepting payments flexibly and conveniently frees you to focus on your business, not on collecting payments.

Mobilescape 5000 Advantages

Accept credit cards and checks with one unit
The flexibility of accepting both credit cards and checks in a single unit raises both customer satisfaction and sales revenue figures

Instant Online Account Access
Quick online access eliminates incidences of lost credit card imprints, reduces the number of chargebacks and makes funds available faster.

Nationwide Wireless Network
Via our commercial affiliation with Sprint Nextel, you're covered on the PCS wireless network.

Depend on 24 x 7 x 365 Support
Mobilescape users can rely on our professional support team to be available 24 x 7 x 365 to answer queries and resolve problems.

Mobilescape 5000 Features

Complete Wireless Portability

  • Durable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Lightweight and portable

Secure Online Access

  • Can be used in conjunction with popular accounting systems and spreadsheet software
  • Tracks and captures tips and invoice numbers
  • Captures signatures
  • Secures all transactions with encrypted coding and password-protected access

Easy to Use

  • Ready to be used, right out of the package
  • Built-in printer for quick and convenient printing of customer receipts
  • Large, backlit touch screen display



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