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Comstar Wireless CHARGE ANYwhere

Comstar Wireless CHARGE ANYwhere Solution

Comstar Wireless CHARGE ANYwhereCHARGE ANYwhere combines a compact handheld wireless magnetic card reader with Transaction Manager, a web-based database and reporting system. You also get other features like e-mail. CHARGE ANYwhere can also be integrated with your existing merchant processing systems.

The Comstar wireless solution is not only fast, its reliable. It runs on the nationwide Velocita Wireless Mobitex and Motient networks. 

  • 93% coverage of urban business population.
  • Transactions done quickly, averaging only 5-7 seconds
  • Dedicated data network with redundancy, backup and guaranteed delivery
  • User-Friendly interface for your industry (features industry specific-software).
  • Secure Wireless Data Transfer with randomized encryption – 1024 bit in the database and 256 bit over the air

The leading credit card processors have certified Comstar wireless, including Global Payments, Concord , Vital and Payment Tech.



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